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Alcoholic Beverages

We will be happy to serve a specialty cocktail of your choosing or we can create one for your event. Specialty cocktails must be pre-ordered by the dozen and will be priced in accordance to its ingredients.

Alcoholic Beverages

DOMESTIC $4.00/bottle
Bud Light®, Michelob Ultra®, Coors Light®, Budweiser®

LOCAL CRAFT $4.50/bottle
Free State Copperhead Pale Ale, Free State Ad Astra, KC Beir Co.® Dunkel, Boulevard Brewing Co.® Wheat

PREMIUM $5.00/bottle
Modelo EspecialTM, Corona®, Stella Artois®, Blue MoonTM, Goose Island®, Boulevard Brewing Co.® Pale Ale 

Deep Eddy Gordon's Gin®
Jim Beam® Bourbon 
Cutty Sark® Scotch
Seagram's® 7 Whiskey
Bacardi® Rum

$5.50 per 1.5 oz pour
Includes appropriate mixers ($100.00 minimum)

Stoli® Vodka
Bombay Sapphire® Gin
Dewar's® Scotch
Maker's Mark® Bourbon
Crown Royal® Whiskey
Havana® Club Classic

$7.00 per 1.5 oz pour
Includes appropriate mixers ($150.00 minimum)

HOUSE $13.50/bottle
Hayes® Ranch Cabernet 
Hayes® Ranch Chardonnay 

PREMIUM $16.00/bottle
Robert Mondavi Private Selection: 
Pino Grigio, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay Cabernet, Zinfandel

*Wine served table side with meal, add $1.00 per person

Santa Carolina Reserva $21.00/bottle
Georges Duboeuf Wildflower $19.00/bottle

Pomelo® $20.00/bottle

Acrobat $24.00/bottle

Fleur de Prairie $25.00/bottle
Seaglass Wine Co. Rose $19.00/bottle

Smoking Loon Wine Co. $20.00/bottle
Georges Duboeuf Wildflower Pinot Noir $21.00/bottle

Georges Duboeuf Wildflower Merot $19.00/bottle
Deloach Vinyards Heritage Reserve (750mL) $22.00/bottle

Santa Carolina Reserva $20.00/bottle
Z Alexander Brown $29.00/bottle

Chateau Davril $29.00/bottle

Josh Cellars Prosecco $29.00/bottle
Bollicini Prosecco $24.00/bottle

Pomelo® Sauvignon Blanc, California $20.00/bottle
Santa Carolina Reserva Chardonnay, Chile $20.00/bottle
Acrobat Pinot Gris, Oregon $24.00/bottle
Girasole Vinyards Chardonnay, California $29.00/bottle
Pomelo® Rose, California $20.00/bottle

Santa Carolina Reserva Cabernet, Chile $20.00/bottle
Smoking Loon Wine Co. Pinot Noir, California $22.00/bottle
Black Opal Shiraz, Australia $24.00/bottle
Girasole Vinyards Cabernet, California $29.00/bottle
Chateau Davril Red Bordeaux, French $29.00/bottle

Policy information

Alcoholic beverage service is available only at authorized functions held at designated sites on campus. The Provost Office must approve the serving of alcoholic beverages at such events. Requests must submitted online at no fewer than three(3) weeks before the event. Due to state and local regulations, we cannot accept requests for bar service fewer than three weeks before the event date.

KU Catering is the sole dispenser of alcohol service for campus events. In accordance with University policy, any bar service must also offer food and non-alcoholic beverages. Non-host bars are permitted under parameters stipulated by the University. Any such bars will be subject to a $150 sales minimum per bartender plus $85 bartender fee plus $100 cash bar set up. (KU catering has the right to set cash bar price to fair rate.)


One bartender will be provided for every 80 guest.
Bartender fee for events with KU Catering is $85.00 per 90 minutes.
Bartender fee for events without KU Catering is $150.00 per 90 minutes.
Cash Bar(s) are available. *additional setup fee of $100.00 per bar and a minimum sales of $250.00.

Find more information on our Policies here or contact our Event Services staff.

KU Catering has the obligation to refuse alcoholic beverage service to any individual under the age of 21 or who appears to be intoxicated. Staff members in charge shall have this authority.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Casual service orders are served in an informal style with disposable ware. Formal service orders are served with linen, china, glassware and skirted tables.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Full Order/Half Order
$20.00/gallon $10.00/half gallon

*Including an assortment of tea packets
*16 Servings/gallon

Blonde Veranda or Pikes Place

Full Order/Half Order
$22.00/gallon $11.00/half gallon

*16 Servings/gallon

Ice Tea Flavors
Black Tea, Passion Tango or Green

Full Order/Half Order
$17.50/gallon $12.00/half gallon

*16 Servings/gallon

Choice of lemon, cucumber and herb, strawberry-basil or orange rosemary

Full Order/Half Order
$20.00/gallon $12.00/half gallon

*16 Servings/gallon

Choice of orange, apple or cranberry

Full Order/Per-Glass
$20.00/gallon $2.50/each

*16 Servings/gallon

Choice of apple juice and ginger ale, citrus punch, sparkling raspberry, or pineapple juice and Sierra Mist®

Full Order

*16 Servings/gallon

Bottled Water 16.9oz $1.75/each
Iced Water $3.75/gallon
Soft Drinks 12oz can
Choice of Pepsi®, Diet Pepsi®, Sierra Mist®, Dr. Pepper®, Diet Dr. Pepper® $1.50/each