Snacks A La Carte

Snacks A La Carte

Casual service orders are served in an informal style with disposable ware. Formal service orders are served with linen, china, glassware and skirted tables.

A La Carte

Brownies $11.00/dozen $7.00/half
Classic brownie with chocolate chips

Gourmet Cookies $12.00/dozen $7.00/half
Chocolate chunk, carnival cookie, white chocolate cranberry, double chocolate chip and sugar

Rice Krispy Bars $12.00/dozen $7.00/half
With red and blue sprinkles

Frosted Cupcakes $21.00/dozen $13.00/half
Chocolate or white cupcakes

Ice Cream Novelties
Variety of ice cream bars, cups and more $2.40/each

Dessert Trays:

•Premium Dessert Tray (minimum 25 guests) $6.00/person
Trays include French Macaroons and Petit Fours, along with a choice of 2:

  • Cheesecake Bites
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Lemon Tarts
  • Mini Cannoli
  • •Cookie and Brownie Combined Tray (minimum 12 guests) $3.50/person

An assortment of gourmet cookies along with a selection of Ghirardelli® brownies

Pretzels (10-15 servings per lb) $7.35/lb

Gourmet Pretzels(10-15 servings per lb) $9.75/lb

Skinny Pop® Popcorn in a Bag $2.00/bag

Gardetto’s® Snack Mix $12.50/lb

Fruit & Nut Trail Mix (15-20 servings per lb) $12.50/lb

Whole Fruit $1.40 each