Student Saver Buffet Menu

Buffet Options

All meals include water and your choice of lemonade or iced tea, dinner rolls and butter. Served with your choice of salad and dessert, listed below.


Choice of 2 dry cereals (3.5oz per): 

Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops®, Lucky Charms, Coco Puffs, Golden Grahams, Raisin Bran®. Bar includes mini croissant (1 per) with jelly and butter, 2% or skim milk plus orange juice or apple juice and water.


Southern style chicken tenders with ranch and BBQ dipping sauces. Includes mashed potatoes and brown gravy plus buttered corn.


Oven roasted bone in breast and thigh pieces marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon and turmeric served with lentil rice pilaf and French green beans tossed in sumac butter.


Marinated and glazed chicken thighs served with Mr. Chow’s style fried rice with egg whites, edamame, and zucchini tossed with jasmine rice and sesame green beans on the side.


Roasted bone in chicken breasts and thighs marinated in aji pepper, cumin, garlic and dark beer alongside cilantro rice pilaf with corn, carrots, celery and onion made with chicken stock with steamed broccoli on the side.


Variety of large single-topping pizzas (2 slices per person) along with tossed salad, breadsticks, and cookies.


Choice of two:

beef, turkey or black bean burgers and all the traditional cold toppings. 

Choice of three side dishes:

fruit salad, garden salad, pasta salad, cheesy potato casserole, warm German-style potato salad or baked beans with bacon.

*Add brats or Nathan’s all-beef hot dogs for $2.50 per person