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Wedding Hors D'oeuvres Menu

Hors d'oeuvres

Hot, cold and display platers available for your special day.

Hors d'oeuvres

*Minimum order of one dozen of each

Tortilla pinwheels$1.70/piece
With choice of Southwest Chipoltle cream cheese; Boursin cream cheese and grilled asparagus; Cream cheese, orange marmalade, walnuts and dried cranberries

Edible spoons$1.83/piece
Crisp cracker shaped spoons with choice of the following fillings:
Caprese - fresh mozzarella, torched grape tomato and basil with extra virgin olive oil.
Mediterranean - green olive, caper, and sun dried tomato cream cheese.
Poached Shrimp Salad - tossed with minced vegtables and dill.

Shrimp ceviche shooters$2.25/piece
Poached, chilled shrimp seasoned with key lime, red onion and aji pepper served in individual cups

Crudite cups$2.37/piece
Individual portions of seasonal vegetable crudites with ranch dip or hummas

Shrimp cocktail $2.83/piece
(21 -25 in each lb)
Poached and chilled, served with cocktail sauce Perfect for passing!

Hummus bi tahini$44.00
Choose traditional or tumeric roasted cauliflower hummus served with naan bites and crudite dippers
(serves 35)

Cheese tortas$40.00
Three layers of seasoned soft cheese and provolone with currants, fresh herbs, and blue cheese, served with crackers and crisp flat breads
(serves 50)

Cheese spreads with flat breads & crackers$40.00
Cashew curry, mediterranean green olive, or Goat cheese and fresh herb
(serves 35)

(Minimum 25 guests)
Genoa salami, pepperoni, capicola, peppers, marinated artichokes, olives, and fresh mozzarella cheese, served with crackers and flat breads

Bruschetta - perfect for passing! $1.83/piece
Thin slices of baguette ruffles with the following toppings: Brie cheese and locally produced blackberry jam Benedictine cream cheese spread with English Cucumber Roasted petite tender with horseradish sauce

St . Louis style stuffed mushrooms$1.66/piece
(Ask about our vegan stuffed mushroom.)
Choice of St. Louis style Italian Sausage and mozzarella or Boursin cheese filling served on a grilled tomato sauce.

Served with crystal aioli

Bacon wrapped shrimp$2.12/piece
Served with BBQ sauce

Sweet potato cakes$1.33/piece
Diced vegetable and crimson lentil patties served with chimichurri sauce - VG GF

ArtichokeArancini $1.47/piece
Breaded risotto and cheese bites blended with spinach and diced artichoke served on tomato-roasted garlic sauce

All beef meatballs - BBQ or Swedish$1.66/piece
Choice of sauce

  • BBQ GF
  • Italian GF 
  • Swedish

Mini Quiche - Perfect for passing! $1.31/piece
Classic quiche with your choice of Boursin cheese, spinach or bacon filling

Phyllo cups - Perfect for passing! $1.43/piece
Mediterranean- filled with goat cheese and fig preserves, garnished with toasted almonds. Boursin cheese and roasted red bell peppers

Santa Fe chicken egg rolls$1.66/piece
Chicken, corn, black beans and chopped peppers rolled into a flour tortilla and our chipotle crema

Sriracha chicken rangoon$1.58/piece
Diced chicken and cream cheese seasoned with sriracha sauce served in a crisp shell served with sweet and sour sauce