KU Memorial Union Catering Policies

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to plan a successful event.

KU Memorial Union Event Polices

The KU Memorial Union (Kansas Union, Burge Union and DeBruce Center) establishes space utilization policies to ensure guest comfort and safety and efficient building management. Activities are subject to the reasonable restrictions of time, place and manner, as described herein, with such restrictions being applied without discrimination toward the speaker(s) or the content of the view being expressed. Organizations sponsoring events that fail to comply with policy may lose booking privileges.


The University of Kansas Food Policy requires that any food/snacks sold or given away on campus be prepared by KU Dining Services (the University’s licensed, health-inspected facilities). Exceptions to the University Food Policy require the approval of the Provost.

No food or beverage acquired outside of the KU Memorial Union may be served at events held in the KU Memorial Union facilities unless the sponsoring group has been approved for an exception to the University Food Policy. Food exceptions are typically granted when the type of food appropriate to the event (often when a particular culture is being celebrated) is not offered by KU Dining Services.

All orders must be placed by 12:00pm on the Friday one week prior to the event. Any requests made after 12:00pm on the Friday one week prior to the event will be assessed a 20% late fee and limited dining options may apply. EVENT SET UPS For all events occurring outside of the Kansas or Burge Union and DeBruce Center, the client is responsible for ordering and setting up all tables and chairs. There may be an additional charge when a meeting and a meal are held in the same room. Customers are responsible for providing trash receptacles and for trash removal at their events. If the catering staff is required to remove trash at the conclusion of an event an additional fee will be charged. LEFTOVERS To protect your health and prevent food-born illnesses from occurring, the catering staff will remove all perishable foods from the event. Any nonperishable items (i.e. baked goods) may be taken at your own will. KU Catering does not provide to-go containers, platters, baskets, or bags.

To ensure appropriate service preparation, we require the final guaranteed number of guests by 12:00 (noon) three business days prior to your event. You will be charged for this number of guests unless you exceed the guaranteed number at which point you will be charged for the actual number served. Increases in the number of guests within 72 hours of the event will be subject to an additional 50% of meal price per added person. We will prepare for a 5% overage up to a maximum of 20. If we do not receive your final guarantee, we will use the last estimate on record. If the Monday prior to the event is an observed holiday, guarantees for Thursday events will be due by noon on the Friday prior.

To ensure that all your guests have an experience that exceeds their expectations, our standard menu also features award winning dishes that are vegan, gluten and dairy free. Our chefs are trained to properly prepare specialized meals to ensure your guest’s safety while providing an attractive and nutritious meal. We will be pleased to accommodate guests with restricted dietary requirements provided that we have at least three days’ notice prior to event. Please be aware that during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, including common fryer oil, the possibility exists for food items to come in contact with other food products. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu entrée can be completely free of allergens. Please contact our Catering Coordinator at 785-864- 2444 for suggestions to fill your special requests. If you do not find a suitable meal in our catering guide, our executive team will be happy to develop a menu to meet your needs.

Event Services can assist with preparing directional signage for your event at Union facilities as requested. Non-Union signage affixed to surfaces, placed in interior entrances or walkways, or placed outside the buildings is not permitted.

Candles used in the building must be approved by the KU Memorial Union. Candles must not drip nor smoke and must be enclosed in holders to catch any wax. Tapers with paper ring holders are not permitted. Wax cleanup charges will be billed to the group.

In the event you must cancel your catered event, please notify us as soon as possible. We require at least three 3 business days notice or you will be charged for the expenses incurred on your behalf. On days with extreme weather conditions that may result in campus closures, our office will contact you with a deadline cancellation time. Orders cancelled within the designated time frame will incur no charges. All other cancellations may be charged at full price.

Tablecloths for non-food events are available for $4.00 each. A 20% catering service fee is added to all catering events. Sales Tax is 9.3%.