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The KYouZone is a concept at Mrs. E’s that serves sides and entrees that are free from the top 8 allergens. Mrs. E’s is located on Daisy Hill connected to Lewis Hall and is an all you care to eat dining facility. KYouZone provides service for lunch and dinner, Monday thru Friday, and Brunch and Dinner on Sunday. You can view the daily menu on the NetNutrition website.

Allergy-Friendly Products and Plant-Based Options

All locations are equipped to offer gluten-free products. Gluten-free tortillas and breads can be found at sandwich and grill stations. Many also have dairy-free cheese to top your sandwich, salad, and pizza. Mrs. E’s has the largest assortment of gluten-free items with bagels, desserts, hamburger buns, and rolls readily available.

KU Dining continues to increase their plant-based options available across campus. We proudly serve Beyond burgers, brats, and sausage patties. Vegan chicken nuggets can be requested for your CCCW at any Brella’s location. Vegan pulled pork is available at Courtside café and Mrs. E’s.