the market sign, the market is located on the third floor of the union

The Market

The Market is located inside the Kansas Union and is open for meals throughout the day. Equipped with six different stations, The Market offers students and customers a wide variety of meals and on-the-go snacks. The dining area offers plenty of seating with options for secluded study breaks, booths in front of televisions, and tables by the window with a stunning view of David Booth Memorial Stadium.

Kings Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian Grill

King's Hawaiian Menu

breakfast biscuits at the market

Breakfast at The Market

Breakfast at The Market Menu

Salad bar at the market

The Market Soup and Salad Bar

Soup and Salad Bar Menu

Other Market Options

muffins at the market bakery

The Market Bakery

the market essentials shelves at the market

The Market EssentialsNeed to stock up for your apartment or dorm? Visit Essentials at the Market for a wide array of bulk-size offerings, including food and non-food items.

The Market
Kansas Memorial Union
Lawrence , Kansas 66045