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KU Memorial Union Catering Policies

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to plan a successful event.

KU Memorial Union Event Polices

The KU Memorial Union (Kansas Union, Burge Union and DeBruce Center) establishes space utilization policies to ensure guest comfort and safety and efficient building management. Activities are subject to the reasonable restrictions of time, place and manner, as described herein, with such restrictions being applied without discrimination toward the speaker(s) or the content of the view being expressed. Organizations sponsoring events that fail to comply with policy may lose booking privileges.


Event Service Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. KU Catering services are available Monday – Saturday with the exception of official University holidays and severe weather closings. Sunday events can be catered with approval by the Assistant Director of Catering.


Contact KU Event Services & Catering at eventservices@ku.edu or by calling 785-864-2444 to speak to someone on the sales team or to schedule an appointment with an event planner.

All catering requests are subject to the availability of service. To ensure services are available when you need them, KU Catering encourages clients to submit their event detail information and menu selection in a timely manner. Within 12 business days prior to the event.  For events requested with less than 4 full business days’ notice, a late fee of 20% will be assessed if the event can be accommodated.


To insure proper delivery and set-up, please confirm your scheduled service time on your contract. All contracts specify a scheduled start time and end time. If our service staff is not permitted to set up or pick up at the scheduled contracted times, additional fees may be applied.

If our service staff is unable to access a location due to locked facilities or vacant table set-ups, additional fees may be assessed the service team may arrive up to 45 minutes prior to the start time of the event to set up. Clients must ensure all entry doors to the buildings or locations for catered events are unlocked at least one hour prior to event start time. All tables for buffet food service are set up in the agreed upon location, as stated on the contract.


Food and beverage orders from the catering menus under $250.00 (not including service charge, delivery fee, or tax) delivered on campus are subject to a delivery fee of $20.00.  Excepting the Kansas Union, Burge Union or DeBruce center from the delivery fee. A minimum guest count of 20 people is required for a buffet event. Buffet events with a guest count under 20 people, are assessed a one-time fee.


Catering orders cancelled 4 – 0 business days prior to the event date will be charge 100% of the total food and beverage cost. Exception will be made for inclement weather conditions, see weather for detail. Deposits are non-refundable. All events are assessed with a service and sales tax where applicable.

Applied percentage of service fees are as follows:

Student Groups and University Departments - 12%

Affiliates, Auxiliary Department and Non-KU Groups - 18%

State and City Sales Tax - 9.3%


An estimated guest count and menu selection is required at the time of booking your event. Final guest count guarantees are required no later than four (4) full business days prior to your event date. If the number of guests attending your event exceeds your guaranteed guest count, you will be charged for each additional guest. Please note that additional meals over the guaranteed guest count may require substitutions from the confirmed menu if guarantee is given after the 4 business days.

If a final guarantee is not provided, KU Catering will use the most recent guest count as the final guest count confirmation for the contract and event preparation. Any significant menu changes are due no later than 12 full business days prior to your event date. If your final guest count guarantee falls below 75% of your original guest count or original food and beverage contract total, additional fees may be assessed.


The University of Kansas Food Policy requires that any food and beverage sold or given away on campus be prepared by KU Dining Services (the University’s licensed, health-inspected facilities). Exceptions to the University Food Policy require the approval of the Director of Dining Services.

No food or beverage acquired outside of the KU Memorial Union may be served at events held in the KU Memorial Union facilities unless the sponsoring group has been approved for an exception to the University Food Policy. Food exceptions are typically granted when the type of food appropriate to the event is not offered by KU Dining Services.


KU Catering is the sole dispenser of alcohol service for campus events. In accordance with University policy, any bar service must also offer food and non-alcoholic beverages. Non-host bars are permitted under parameters stipulated by the University. Any such bars will be subject to a minimum in sales of $150 per bar.  Plus $85 bartender/ bar set up fee.

Requests made less than two weeks in advance may be denied. https://policy.ku.edu/form/alcoholic-beverage-request

KU Catering reserve the right to restrict, refuse or terminate the service of alcoholic beverages at any time in the best interest and safety of your guests and our staff.


Any remaining perishable food and/or beverage from a buffet, plated meal, or packaged menu is the property of KU Catering and cannot be packed to go. All leftover food and beverage will be removed by catering staff at the appropriate time. A la Carte non-perishable items may be kept after the end of an event if arrangements are made with your event planner prior to the event. KU Catering does not provide any type of to-go containers and clients are not permitted to remove catering equipment from any event. Missing equipment will be billed to the client.


If severe inclement weather conditions occur, KU Catering reserves the right to adjust service times or cancel events. Should a weather advisory, campus closure or conditions deem such action necessary, KU Catering will contact you to notify you of cancellation options. The safety of your guests and our employees is of top priority.


KU Catering does not supply or set-up tables, chairs, podiums, microphones, risers, etc. outside of the Kansas Union, Burge Union and DeBruce Center. Clients are responsible for securing the proper number of tables for buffet food service, guest seating and any other event needs required (our event planner can assist you in determining your needs). KU Catering does not supply Audio Visual equipment. Should you require AV equipment or set-up, please consult with the facility where your event is confirmed.


Unless otherwise specified, all catering services include plastic plates, cups, and flatware. All events may request china and linen service for an additional fee. PLEASE NOTE: You must specifically request linen service for additional tables such as registration tables, head tables, etc. Those linen charges will be added to your contract.


Candles used in the building must be approved by the KU Memorial Union. Candles must not drip nor smoke and must be enclosed in holders to catch any wax. Tapers with paper ring holders are not permitted. Wax cleanup charges will be billed to the group.

Event Services can assist with preparing directional signage for your event at Union facilities as requested. Non-Union signage affixed to surfaces, placed in interior entrances or walkways, or placed outside the buildings is not permitted.