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Welcome to KU Dining at the University of Kansas

KU Dining offers convenience and quality with over 20 dining locations across campus, never far from classes or home. We're here to serve you, KU!     



The nation and state is experiencing a dramatic and unprecedented labor and logistic disruptions. KU Dining is not immune to such conditions and that is reflected in limitations currently imposed on our operations. Dining is staffed at approximately 65% of normal operational levels; deliveries of supplies and food remain sporadic and incomplete. 

In response to shortages of supplies and employees, KU Dining has undertaken the following precautions to maintain core services.

Closed Chick-fil-A
Reduced concepts at the Underground to Ace Sushi, Monsoon, grab-and-go options, and the Coffee house (closing Pizza Hut and #CCCW).
Closed the South Dining Southside retail counter service
Rotate concepts at the Kansas Union Market
Rotate open concepts at Mrs. Eā€™s and South Dining 

We hope this situation is temporary and will be resolved by Fall Break but the situation remains unpredictable

For students with Flex plans - to provide you with more options we have expanded dollar use on the plan for GrubHub purchases, this is in addition to the 19 concepts still available on campus. As of Monday, September 20th there will be an additional $300 in the GrubHub off-campus component of your dining plan. This money is still useable on campus if you need it but allows more access to GrubHub merchants for your use.

For more information on GrubHub and your dining plan please visit

We see incremental improvements weekly as we hire new staff and find new solutions for deliveries; bear with us as we overcome these pandemic induced challenges. 

Thank you,
KU Dining Services 


We Want Your Feedback

Your experience with KU Dining is important to us. We love when you're happy, so let us know if something is working and you want more of it!

More importantly, if there's something we can do better, your feedback will help us make changes for you and the student community.